Vibration eliminator absorbs excessive vibration of compressors

Stainless steel Vibration eliminator

Vibration eliminator consists of deep pitch corrugated hose and high tensile stainless steel wire braid. The hose and braid are combined by stainless steel ferrules and are connected to stainless or copper pipe ends.

Flexible vibration absorbers are used in suction and discharge lines for compressors of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They are compatible with various refrigerants like HCFC, HFC and CO2 and related oils.

Vibration eliminating corrugated hose improves vibration damping ability as well as reducing noise pollution. All stainless steel construction increases resistances against chemicals, weathers, and other adverse elements.

Vibration Absorber Flexible Hose
Hose I.D.Maximum Outside DiameterMax. Working PressureOverall LengthTube End LengthWeight
1 1/22.384001722.2
2 1/23.883002435.2
3 1/24.94150233.197.6
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