Selecting stainless steel braided hoses

has been taken as important principle to choose right metal hose for chemicals, steel works and food processing industries. A proper hose will ensure long term service and reduce failures. Find the seven steps of choosing the right stainless steel braided flexible hose for your specific applications.

S stands for Size or Bore Size, the inside diameter of hose. It has a close relationship with fluid velocity and turbulence which will produce excessive heat and reduce pressure.

T stands for Temperature including ambient temperature and inside media temperature. When the temperature increases or drops, the performance of hose material will corresponding change. You should provide the specified ambient temperature, or 70 °F will be assumed.

A refers to Application. It will affect hose configuration, hose dimensions and movement. Our engineer will recommend suitable flexible metal hoses once you advise us your purposes.

M stands for Media or the material to be conveyed. Whatever materials, chemicals, gases or oils, are exposed to the tube and should be compatible with the tube. Or the hose will fail quickly.

P stands for pressure. People often choose a metal flexible hose only according to working pressure. That is not enough. If the pressure is constant and static, working pressure will define the hose. However, when the system has cycles and spikes, surge pressure and impulse fatigue should be considered at the same time.

E refers to End Fittings. A metal hose should be equipped with proper fittings to maximize its performance.

D refers to Delivery. Due to unsmooth inside surface, media with high velocity will cause the hose to vibrate and prematurely fail. If you don’t specify the velocity, it is considered that the rate of the media is not fast enough to affect the hose’s performance.

If you are still not sure how to choose flexible metal hose, call us or email us for professional suggestions.

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