Media velocity in metal hose

Stainless steel corrugated metal hoses, unbraided or braided, are designed to carry gases or liquids within limited velocity. When the velocity exceeds the maximum value, resonant vibration will occur and cause quick failure to the hose assembly.

How should you do when the velocity is higher than limited values?

  • Select a corrugated hose with interlocked liner.
  • Increase the Inside Diameter.
  • Both of the above are applied.

Media velocity significantly affects the performance of metal hose. When you select a hose for your applications, you’d better advise our sales your material velocity; or we will consider it not enough to make threats to the hose’s performance. Check the table bellow which may help you find the right hose.

Installation ConfigurationMaximum Media Velocity (ft./sec.)
Dry gasliquidDry gasliquid
Straight line1005015075
45° Bend754011560
90° Bend50257540
180° Bend25123819
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